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Japan Model Use Kimono

Kimono is one of traditional clothes in japan.

Cute Girl Using Mini bikini

Cute and hot girl, she have talent to be great model

Cute Girl Pose In Hotel

She is one of Indonesian model. she came from Surabaya and nos she
live in Bali. Don't say if you never came to Bali. In Bali she work as
Model for one company. In Bali she live in Nusa Dua.

Adrian Louise

When I first started using the 4th floor as a studio as opposed to the 2nd floor, I was both looking forward to new shooting possibilities and lamenting the loss of others at the same time. I was losing the tall windows that people could stand in, as well as the shower that I built from scratch and loved so much. On the other hand, I was gaining a much larger shooting space, as well as access to the adjacent rooftop. At first I wasn't sure how to best utilize the rooftop. There is a stucco wall which looks pretty nasty because there is a vent that blows exhaust from the restaurant below. At first I really despised this, because it represents everything that I dislike about Chinatown. Someone with some respect for others could have easily blocked and/or diverted the exhaust. Instead it just blasts away directly at my bathroom window (and the surrounding wall), so that the window had to be permanently sealed up a long time ago. Looking at this wall just pissed me off. Actually, I initially tried shooting on that wall- with a flash fill-in because it's in the shade. I didn't like that look. So later I tried shooting with out the flash, and the raw images looked very flat. Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, I was able to really give the wall some pop- and make the grime look as grimy as it deserved! That awful wall is now one of my favorite places to shoot against.

Adrian Louise is someone that I just recently started working with. I have not really taken on anybody new in the past year, and I tend to be apprehensive about doing so. This is because I'm very happy working with the few muses that I now work with, and who never let me down. Well, Adrian Louise is awesome! I've worked with her twice now, and plan to keep working with her! As a side note, she really dislikes her scar from an abdominal hysterectomy. Of course, I really like it. I love scars- they tell a story, and the more extreme the better. So I remove the scar for her pics, and leave it in for myself. Oh, by the way, Adrian Louise is a very serious foot fetishist- more to come with that...

Mistress Thora

More explorations of texture. I'm not looking forward to winter ending, as goose pimples will be much harder to come by.

Meredith & Mara

Mara had seen some of the photographs that I took of Meredith, and mentioned that she would really, really want to shoot with her. The feeling was mutual for Mer, so that was easy. In fact it always seems to be easy to get two girls to do a shoot together- I can't recall ever getting a decline after suggesting it. It's actually much harder to get a guy to do a shoot with the girlfriend or wife. The woman is always game- it tends to be the guy who is apprehensive. Guys tend to not like having their performance documented. I actually had a few shoots not materialize because the guy got cold feet. It was something that was a bit frustrating at first- getting guy/girl shoots was something that I really wanted to add to my portfolio for a couple of reasons. One reason was aesthetic- I wanted some balance, since a lot of girl/girl looked unbalanced. The most important reason was that I knew that once either a woman and/or couple viewed my portfolio, and saw some images like that, then they would be inspired to try it as well. Which is exactly what happened. People don't always know what they want until they see it. Not everyone has the imagination to envision possibilities, nor do they necessarily want to be the first to try something new. But when they see a good example of how it will turn out- it definitely breaks the ice. That's how I wound up doing so much erotic photography in general. It's a domino effect. When people see my work, they often get a very visceral reaction- "Oh, I want to be involved in that!".

Watch Online Monica Bellucci Values Respect and Loyalty in Her Marriage

Watch Online Monica Bellucci Values Respect and Loyalty in Her Marriage
Mon, 14 March 2011 04:21:58 ET

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The Italian actress always puts respect and loyalty before fidelity in her twelve years marriage life with Vincent Cassel.

Monica Bellucci wouldn't mind her husband being unfaithful if they were apart for a while. The 46-year-old actress, who has daughters Deva, six, and 10-month-old Leonie with spouse Vincent Cassel, values respect and loyalty more in a relationship than fidelity.

She said, "Passion you can feel for the worst man you ever met. But that has nothing to do with a deeper partnership. In such a one, passion stays, but more important is confidence, respect, knowing a man is not just loyal in a sex way, but that they will be there for you. That is more important than just fidelity. It would be ridiculous to ask [fidelity] of him if I hadn't been there for two months. You can't ask such things as who has he been seeing, what has he been up to? It is more respectful and realistic to take the view that you'll be with me when I see you."

The brunette beauty insists she is still besotted with her husband, who she married in 1999, but admits there are times when they don't get along.

She told Style magazine, "I think he's sexy. It's important to go on thinking that about your husband. But Vincent is not a normal man. Sometimes I love him so much, sometimes I want to kill him."